Twitter Community Guidelines

Welcome to Fulcrum Therapeutics’ Twitter feed, @FulcrumTx. We’re glad you found us here.

We are excited at the opportunity to connect with and hear from you on Twitter, and look forward to hearing from you via re-tweets, favorites, @mentions and replies. 


The industry in which we operate is highly regulated, and as a result we are not allowed to engage in sensitive topics or discussions about pharmaceutical products or treatment options on this page. 

Please note that we may not be able to respond to @mentions and replies that:

•    Mention drug candidates and products;
•    Offer health or medical advice;
•    Contain profanity or other inappropriate, offensive, libelous, abusive, or discriminatory materials;
•    Are commercial, ie., or aim to sell products and services; or recruit fans and followers to other social communities;
•    Are excessively repetitive or disruptive; or may be considered SPAM;
•    Violate copyright or intellectual property;
•    Contain information that is false, misleading, or inaccurate;
•    Violate Twitter’s rules and policies.


Tweets by @FulcrumTx are intended for informational purposes only. Fulcrum Therapeutics has no duty to update this Twitter feed, and does not endorse the comments or products of its followers, or of any Twitter accounts it follows. Additionally, while @FulcrumTx may provide links or references to other sites or articles as part of its Tweets, this does not constitute an endorsement of those materials. Finally, Tweets from members of the public do not represent or reflect the views of Fulcrum Therapeutics.

Thank you for reading these guidelines and for being a part of the Fulcrum Therapeutics community on Twitter.